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An introduction to the rental property

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an introduction to the rental property

In this article

  • Why it is important to remember you have responsibilities as a tenant
  • Why asking for a demonstration of the property will help you enjoy your new home from the start
  • The importance of having contact numbers


If you are new to renting, we hope that you will find all you need to know here on The Tenants’ Voice website. If not then please get in touch. One of the key elements for any tenant before moving in is to make sure the rental property is up to scratch. TTV approved letting agents should do this as standard, but sometimes things get missed or overlooked. It is therefore important to understand that you do have some responsibility to check things over too, before your tenancy begins.

Here are three important steps to follow to ensure all is well before move-in day:

1. Ask for a demonstration of appliances

It is usual for landlords to provide brochures and manuals for all the appliances supplied in the property, but TTV recommends you ask your landlord or letting agent for demonstrations of how to operate the appliances. Not all boilers or cookers are the same and you don’t want to be left wondering what to do in order to have a hot shower or cook your first meal in your new rented home.

2. Ask for a demonstration of the heating system

Being familiar with the whole of your rented accommodation is part of your responsibility as a tenant and getting to grips with how the heating system works is essential if you are to enjoy your tenancy and meet your obligations. Learn how to bleed the radiators and where to turn off the water at the mains. Check TTV website for training videos and complete the ‘Rent-Ready’ voluntary exams before any problems arise; you don’t want to be floundering when it’s cold or if there is a water leak.

3. Ask for contact numbers

Having the resources and ability to take care of your responsibilities whilst living in a rented home is as important as having the letting agent or landlord there to help in times of need. A list of contact numbers will give you some sense of independence as well as be useful if you need to get hold of anyone in a hurry when your letting agent or landlord is unavailable. There might be times of emergency when this is necessary so it’s good to be prepared. Use the TTV contact numbers form available in our welcome pack.

In summary:

  • Taking an element of control is important when you become a tenant as you will need to get used to having certain responsibilities in your rented accommodation
  • A key element to enjoying your life as a tenant is to be properly introduced to your new home and ask for a demonstration of all the utilities and appliances in the rental property
  •  It is important and wise to ask for a list of contact numbers you may need in case of emergency

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