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Rate and review your landlord and letting agent

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Quick Help - Rate and Review your Rental

rate and review your landlord or letting agent

Why rate your landlord and letting agent

In a market so overly saturated with services and companies claiming to be the best, it’s next to impossible to pick out the quality businesses from the scammers.This holds true to landlord, letting agents and services providers. As tenants put up to 60% of their income into renting and renting related services, it’s imperative that they can rely on each service to pull through.

Our goal at TTV is to make renting better for everyone! We introduce tenants to the best letting agents and service providers in the UK. All TTV approved letting agents have made a pledge to be approachable, professional, responsive, transparent and to keep their promises to tenants. This, combined with positive reviews from the TTV community, is a sign of trust we want to preserve.

Each time you rate and review a letting agent, you share vital information with the TTV community to enable renters to make informed decisions about who to give their hard-earned money to with each rental payment. With more and more people renting in the UK than ever before, reviews are a way of distinguishing between the good and the bad letting agents. They are also a way of improving the rental industry.

Sharing your experiences

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the TTV community and have your say:

Our forum area allows you to search by topic, view the most popular discussions and vote on your favourite responses. You can share your story or ask a question that may be answered by fellow renters and industry experts.

Our ‘Trip Advisor-style’ rate and review system lets you share your experiences and evaluate your letting agent as well as any service providers you may have used. This real-time feedback will let everyone in the TTV community know who provides value for money and who should be avoided at all costs. The four-step process is easy to use with clear guidance and tips to follow.

Our ‘approved’ member agents take responsibility for responding to all negative reviews and seek to improve their business standards as a result of the feedback they receive. Furthermore, this exclusive status is dependent on positive reviews. Membership, once earned, is not automatically renewed each year. Agencies are vetted by us on an annual basis with tenant reviews taken into serious consideration. In other words, your positive feedback will contribute towards maintaining approval where it is warranted, and removing it when it is no longer justified.

Our partners – Ask Tenants allow you to rate and review your landlord and your rental property. Using a thorough checklist, you can grade your property on common features like the boiler, heating system, plumbing, mould, noise levels, the deposit protection and many more..

By rating your current and past properties you enable other tenants to know exactly what they are dealing with before renting from your landlord. Furthermore, you can find information about the safety of the area, crime levels and schools around the property.

Researching your landlord online

The only way you can get inside information about your next rental is if you find the last tenant that lived there. Alternatively, the Internet can provide little bits of information about your landlord, provide you know where to look.

For a start, find if your landlord is a member of any of the big associations in the UK:

Then you want to search all additional information you have through Google. For example, you can type in the postcode, name of the landlord, name of the letting agent, and see what information pops up.

Often you may find reviews or forum discussions left by other tenants renting the same property or dealing with the same landlord. You can also find if the person has criminal convictions and if there has been any disasters in the area, such as floods, which could have damaged the property.

Helping to improve the rental industry

By using the rate and review system to evaluate landlords, service providers and letting agents, your judgements will highlight the best of them in the UK as well as those agencies that consistently under-perform. Combined with new government initiatives such as compulsory redress scheme memberships and the optional London Rental Standard scheme, The Tenants’ Voice Community will hold letting agents accountable to high standards and send a clear message that poor standards will no longer be tolerated.

The more reviews that are written, the more informed tenants will become. Informed decisions will lead to better renting experiences for tenants and fewer experiences with rogue letting agents who will be forced out of the industry, or forced to change their ways.

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