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TTV tenant welcome pack

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tenant welcome pack

The Tenants’ Voice believes passionately that rentals must be fair, friendly, and easy to negotiate and that an excellent working relationship between tenants, letting agents and landlords built on trust and communication, is essential.

In our commitment to support tenants and improve the renting experience we have created a ‘TTV Welcome Pack’ intended as a resource for those moving into a new rental property.

This document was designed to educate and empower tenants throughout their rental experience by clarifying expectations of what their rent entitles them to and what to do/where to go if things don’t go quite according to plan. This information will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to ensure that you receive the service you are paying for.

What you will find in the TTV Welcome Pack
The main aim of the welcome pack is to give you a thorough overview of your rights, the responsibilities of being a good tenant, what to expect from your landlord, what to expect from your letting agent, as well as how The Tenants’ Voice can help you with any queries before, during and after your tenancy.

You will find information such as our top tips for a good tenancy experience, moving-in and moving-out check-lists, as well as good advice regarding common problems such as damp and condensation.

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