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Carpet cleaning

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Every tenant appreciates good clean carpets when they move to a new property. Worn out, or stained carpets can easily turn you off from an otherwise good house and will also devalue the property. 

Carpet cleaning will easily breathe new life into the old rug.

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Landlords are very critical of the condition of the carpets when they let their current tenant move and there are often disputes about stains and dirt. 

This can hurt your tenancy deposit by allowing the landlord to spend an uncontrolled amount of your money on a carpet cleaning service.

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Minimum charges, T&C apply.

Customer service representative work around the clock, so your needs are catered to. You can contact Fantastic Services on chat, email and phone.

Powerful stain removal

The carpet technician will determine the best cleaning method for your type of carpet to ensure the colour and strength of the fabric is preserved.

Flexible schedule

Every fabric covered

The service removes most common household stains. Some are beyond treatment, but if we can’t remove a certain stain, nobody else can.

The carpet cleaning team uses hot water extraction and dry clean methods to ensure powerful stain removal, fast dry times and economically priced service.

Weekend and bank holiday services at regular prices. Same day and next day services at no extra cost (subject to availability).

Industry proven techniques

24/7 Customer support

To ensure long lasting freshness and cleanliness, you can opt in to get your carpets treated with Scotchgard fabric protector. It’s a powerful stain repellent that will prevent stain and dirt to settle in your carpets.

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