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Garden Maintenance

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While it's great to have your own private spot under the sun, gardening is not everybody's cup of tea. It becomes an extra burden when you’re moving out and have tens of tasks to juggle while doing your regular routine. 

Unfortunately, moving is also the time when you have to make sure the garden is perfect before you return the keys to your landlord. 

Garden on a budget !

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Save your tenancy deposit !

Unless you return the garden immaculate, the landlord will likely want to deduct a portion of your deposit to cover a gardening service.

Take the initiative ! By doing your own gardening, you control how much of your money is spent and what quality is achieved. 

The Tenants' Voice promotes Fantastic Services for their outstanding customer service and quality of work.

Minimum charges, T&C apply.

Customer service representative work around the clock, so your needs are catered to. You can contact Fantastic Services on chat, email and phone.

Fully equipped

The team goes through all of your priorities within the booked hours of your service - lawn mowing, weeding, seeding, pruning and hedge and tree removal - anything you need.

Seven days a week

Your priorities first

All gardeners are equipped with petrol-powered trimmers, lawn mowers, and chainsaws to make the most of their time inside your property.

Aside from the service, the gardening team can give you consultation and tips for picking, planting and caring for each plant in your garden.

Garden maintenance is available seven days a week, including bank holidays. Furthermore, your service will never get cancelled due to bad weather. The gardeners will complete the service with the same level of detail and quality.

FREE gardening advice

24/7 Customer support

Your garden maintenance service includes up to 180 litres of green garden waste disposal for free.

Why we promote

Fantastic Services:

Waste disposal included

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