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14 year old carpet

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I am moving out of my rented house in which I have been there for 14 years. I put a slight iron mark on the carpet and the kitchen floor is shabby. The landlord wants me to pay for carpet in the front room and bedroom as the front room is faded in places. The carpet is 14 years old. Do I have to pay. Also I don’t think my deposit is protected as it was pre 2007??! 

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If you did indeed damage the carpet, you need to contribute to it’s replacement, however, given the age of the carpet it’s unfair to have to pay the full price. Try to negotiate to split 30/70 or something that works for both. 

If your deposit is not protected, it will be very hard to dispute this deduction, as the money is with your landlord and court action will likely cost you more than a carpet. 

Read our deposit protection guide first and see if there isn’t any chance that your landlord should have protected your deposit, but DIDN’T.

For example if your landlord changed the contract and had you sign a new one, they may have fallen under the obligation’s rules. This means that if they didn’t protect your deposit, they are now liable for up to 1-3 times the deposit money in court. 

You can use that as a leverage to get off the leash about the carpet. Here are our guides:



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Hi Amber, 

you are liable for the iron mark on the carpet. are there any other stains on the carpets? how often have the carpets been cleaned professionally? it is recommended to have the carpets cleaned professionally every 12-18 months. one of the reasons why it is recommended to have them cleaned regularly is because it will extend the carpet life.

If the carpets have never been cleaned professionally, if your landlord never asked you to have them cleaned professionally, if there isn’t anything written in the tenancy agreement about having the carpet cleaned regularly, I would say, as a professional carpet cleaner, that that carpet is worned out, wear and tear. you should not pay for having the carpets replaced. 

However, if your deposit is not protected you might be at your landlord’s mercy. 

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