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2 month notice after signing a new 12 month tenancy two months ago

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Hi guys, my girlfriend came to me today saying that she had received a call from her letting agency telling her that the landlord was selling the property and gave her two months notice.

In February, she signed a 12 month tenancy with the agency, but only today they told her that the landlord did not sign it. She is now worried sick that she’s going to have to find a new place after living in her property for five years.

The pair of us are novices to any type of tenancy law, so to speak, and while we’ve searched the internet today for solutions, I thought it prudent to at least ask for some advice here.

The agency has treated her pretty poorly over the years and she’s been very polite about it all, but this to me is very unfair.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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This is actually quite simple in regards to the law:

1) Did the agent sign the contract on behalf of the Landlord? If so then you have a legally binding 12 Month contract.

2) Tenancies signed after 1st October 2015 have new laws on them. Basically a notice cannot be served upon the tenant for the first 4 months of the contract; This would mean that a contract signed in Feb 2016 cannot be given notice until the earliest June 2016 and even then if it is a 12 month tenancy the notice is unenforcable until Feb 2017.

My advice, providing the agent did indeed sign the tenancy, then continue to pay the rent and ignore the notice served as this is invalid. Advise the agent of the changes made to tenacies after 1st october and if they wish for you to leave the property then a new notice should be served in June 2016 for you to vacate in february 2017.

Hope this helps.




Thanks for the reply. I asked her if the tenancy was signed by the agency, but she said it came blank, as in the agency had typed it up, printed it, then sent it to her without a signiture. she signed it and sent it back to them.


they’ve called her again today (monday) and said she has to be out in exactly 2 months. she’s not received any paperwork to say this, only a phonecall

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