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2006 to 2016 tenancy What should my landlord have done.

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My tenancy was 12 month assured shorthold from March 2006.

I have been given a S21. I have searched and found my deposit

was deposited a day before. I have not had this information or

indeed any notification of this.

Is the S21 valid?

Thank you


Hi Joyce,

The deposit being registered is ust one part of this legislation. Have you had the following:

-Prescribed Information dpcument for you to sign (signed by both parties)

-Deposit Registration certificate

-Scheme pamphlet (for the scheme your deposit is registered with)

-Government renting brochure/manual

If ANY of these has not been completed then they have not fulfilled the legal requirements and, as such, cannot serve notice.

Additional points to be aware of:

-Landlords must serve a minimum of 2 month’s written notice to terminate

-Property must have a valid Gas Safety cert & EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

I trust this answers your questions. Good Luck.

P.S. Having been a Tenant for 10 years I would always advise that you work with your Landlord towards a mutually agreeable solution. Nobody wants a 10 year relationship turning nasty for little reason.

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