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3 bed property and 2 lodgers

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Hi, this is my first post here and hoping to be informed well from it. 

The situation is, I am in an assured tenancy and due to changing circumstances – I cannot afford the rent of the property.

I’ve spoken to my Landlord about the situation and he has allowed me to sublet so long as I don’t break any HMO laws etc etc.

So, is it legal to keep 2 lodgers plus my self in a 3 bed property without making it a HMO? The lease remains on my name and the others wouldn’t be named on it.  


Hi Noman

This is an interesting website when it comes to lodgers and what makes an HMO. It looks like the limit is two lodgers and a live in landlord (you would be the landlord to your sub letters but I’m not sure if that would count). Importantly, for a property to be an HMO it needs to be three or more storeys – how high is yours?

If you’re not sure then I’d contact the local authority and run your situation past them – obviously make clear this is only an arrangement being considered, rather than already in place, and maybe avoid giving name and address (although I doubt they would ask for it) just in case.


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