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3 bed property and 2 lodgers

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Hi, this is my first post here and hoping to be informed well from it. 

The situation is, I am in an assured tenancy and due to changing circumstances – I cannot afford the rent of the property.

I’ve spoken to my Landlord about the situation and he has allowed me to sublet so long as I don’t break any HMO laws etc etc.

So, is it legal to keep 2 lodgers plus my self in a 3 bed property without making it a HMO? The lease remains on my name and the others wouldn’t be named on it.  

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Hi Noman

This is an interesting website when it comes to lodgers and what makes an HMO. It looks like the limit is two lodgers and a live in landlord (you would be the landlord to your sub letters but I’m not sure if that would count). Importantly, for a property to be an HMO it needs to be three or more storeys – how high is yours?

If you’re not sure then I’d contact the local authority and run your situation past them – obviously make clear this is only an arrangement being considered, rather than already in place, and maybe avoid giving name and address (although I doubt they would ask for it) just in case.


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