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6 months rent in advance

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we have lived in our house for almost a year. We paid a full years rent in advance (18k) because my partner has a bad credit history and we were having trouble securing a property we were getting desperate as the flat we lived in had been sold and we only had 2 weeks to find somewhere as the house we were going to move in to pulled out and decided to rent their house to a family member instead.

The lettings agent emailed us 3 months before our contract was due to end to let us know the rent would be increased by £50 which is fine. They phoned today so we could pay them the £100 admin fee and asked when we would be paying the years rent upfront we said we couldn’t do that and they have said the landlord has asked for 6 months in advance… 

i wanted to know if this is normal after living here for a year already?


As your contract is soon going to end, the landlord is free to propose new terms for the renewal contract. 

With default AST agreements, where you pay monthly, it’s absolutely ridiculous to ask for half an year in advance. However, you were given the property solely on the terms that you pay the whole year in advance. Otherwise, due to your partner’s bad credit history, you would have likely not been accepted. 

The landlord is very considerate and contacts you full 3 months in advance to arrange the terms for the next year. 

You’re free to negotiate and even opt out of the property and move out when the current contract expires. However, the landlord is also free to suggest new terms and also tell you to leave if no agreement has been achieved. 

I don’t know about normal, but it’s very legal, and somewhat reasonable given that the landlord contacts you in advance. 

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