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6 weeks and counting to dispose of used needles?

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Myself and my girlfriend moved into a apartment at the start of July. I was trying to see if the water was switched on and looked into the toilet cysteine to be where I found used a supply of insulin, steroids and used needles from previous tenants. I immediately told the letting agency who assured me it will be dealt with. However, 6 weeks later nothing has been done. 

What can I do? Withold rent and seek a company to dispose of this waste? Or wait for letting agency? 

It is presenting a potential group 2 biohazard waste with unknown human pathogens.


Hi Adam

If you withold rent then you’ll be in breach of your tenancy agreement so that’s never wise even if you’ve got good grounds to do to.

Where did you get the “potential group 2 biohazard waste with unknown human pathogens” definition from? Perhaps that might provide you with a course of action. It might also be worth contacting the local council/environmental health. Before you do, perhaps threaten to do so to the letting agent. You could remind them that if you suffer any injury as a result of that then the landlord will be the subject of any claim you make so the agent is putting the landlord in a precarious position.

The other point is that presumaly the toilet is unusable? The landlord has to provide you with working plumbing so as long as you can prove that none of the stuff in the toilet is yours then the landlord is in breach of the tenancy – another thing to remind the agent of.


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