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7+ Months Cant Get Deposit Back. Please Advise!

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I am starting to think there is no law to protect tenants or it simply doesn’t work. The Letting Agent agrees to return the deposit in full when talking to me and to Deposit Protection Scheme. One small problem it has been more than 7 months now. Deposit Protection has given up and suggested to chase the Letting Agent or seek legal advice. Both my case and dispute were closed. What else can I do? The Letting Agent won’t return official letters / complaints. I have gone through Money Claim online too. They charged me 120 pounds for sending couple of scary letters to the Letting Agent and entering the Judgement against them. Only the Letting Agent simply ignored even that. Next I am going to try TPO, local MP, media. What else?

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Hi Shah

Does the letting agent have membership of any schemes such as the Property Ombudsman or ARLA?  They have protections in place that might be able to help.

It’s the landlord who is responsible for returning your deposit, can you contact them directly?

Which deposit protection scheme is it? They shouldn’t be able to ‘give up’ the whole point of them is to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen. Perhaps it might be worth making a complaint about the deposit scheme. Come back and let us know which one it is and we’ll see if we can find more information to help you.



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response! Yes, it seems like they are members of TPO. I am gathering all necessary paperwork to file a complaint.

I did ask the Letting Agent to give me the details of the Letting Agent. As I wrote earlier, they would not respond to any formal letter

The DPS (mydeposits.co.uk). I made a complaint, as you suggested. Initial reply from their complaints management department didn’t sound ‘t  that promising.

Despite me giving them my unique dispute reference number, they came back with this: “Please provide the 8 digit Deposit ID, and/or the full tenancy address of the property and we will attempt to answer any enquiry in more detail. If you believe you are the victim of fraud, you are advised to contact the police.” Just sent them 8 digit ID. Let’s see if that helps.

I am also considering sending a letter to my local MP.



Hi Shah

Hopefully the Ombudsman will be able to help in some way. Unfortunately I think all these things take time but don’t give up I’m sure you can get a result.

You have a right to know who your landlord is – more info on that here, including how to get around the agent.

Hmmm that’s a bit inept! If it was me I would just keep at them until they do something. I suspect, like any large organisation, there are plenty of inefficiencies but the system has been set up to protect you – that’s their job so make sure they do it.

Yes, a good time to contact your local MP, particularly with the election coming up and the changes to the lettings industry that are being proposed by some parties. 

Let us know how it goes and if there’s anything else we can help with.


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