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7 months into the contract and landlady still hadnt performed the repairs we discussed

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I live in a private rented property. My landlady lives down south and her father is a maintenance person for the flat. I moved in back at the end of November last year and about month later I have noticed the oven doesn’t work- I haven’t used it before then. I have raised it with her and in the meantime as well I have asked  the  father to also sort the kitchen tap- the faucet is too small for the sink bawl- so washing any midium size or large size potts or other objects is very difficult. The father after some 2 months finally brough the new faucet but didnt install it at the time. I contacted the landlady in March re that and the oven at which point I was told that she ordered replacement oven door and had spoken to her father stating that since the faucet is not broken she will not be paying for the new one  just because it doesnt look right to me.

I tried explaining several times that we already have a part at home, her father brought and it only needs installation but each time it fell on deaf ears. 

I haven’t heard from her for the past 3 months, so I emailed her asking about the ordered part and again about the faucet. Also in the meantime we had some mould issues- and now the plaster off the wall in main bedroom started falling off so I need her father to take a look at these walls literally crumbling down.

 I had no response so far.

I am really annoyed and frustrated- this is the worst landlord-tenant communication I have had in the last 15 years renting. She only has this one flat she bought before moving down south and I checked- she is not a registered landlord.

Every month I pay my rent on time and as agreed- I feel she should be keeping to her part of the contract.

My 6-months contract ended at the end of May, and I feel there may be no choice but to move out, but I am reluctant to do so as I am preparing to buy a house next year and changing address again in a spam of a year may affect my credit score.

If she is unregistered, are her duties still as per registered landlordship, is there anywhere I can actually ask an advise about getting these things sorted without the fear of being chucked out before I am ready to go, just in case?

Thank you

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