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What can we do?

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OKay so me and my flat mate lived in a student flat for around 5-6 months. (September to march). During our time there, there was a leak above the floor heating box that completely fried it. This left us with no heating throghout all the winter perioud despite us telling him about it. Also The leak created mold all over the wall in the fuse cuppard and made it’s way into the kitched and behind the fridge. We could not do anything about the mold as the leak was coming from upstairs. When someone was sent out to it He sais it was very lucky the fuses were off as this could have started a fire. He gave us a urgent danger notice and never came back. About 3 months after being there both me and my flatmate became very ill. We looked up the symptoms and guess what… Mold played a big part it in. So we were fed up and decided to move out. Now a month after moving out the landlord has cheak to ask up for money to repeair stupid parts of the property that werent out fault (EG broken light bulbs) Is there anything we can do? Luckily our deposit covers most of what he is asking for but imo it was a death trap.

Thanks in advance



You can dispute all charges through the deposit scheme. The ADR process is free and will look into the problem as if it was a court case. The landlord has to sufficiently prove they are entitled to compensation for these repairs or they get no juice. 

It’s an extended procedure, but you should come out relatively clean at the end. 

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