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a mean landlord doesn't return half a month rent E1 4PH

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I found the room on the private accommodation section of QMUL accommodation website last year (http://qmul.studentpad.co.uk/Property/4181404#agentdetails). The landlord’s information is as follow:
Address: Flat 5, Moray House, Harford Street, London E1 4PH
Landlord: Mr Kamrul Islam
Contact: Mr Kamrul Islam
Primary Tel:07809886774
From <http://qmul.studentpad.co.uk/Property/4181404#agentdetails>

Room number:1
Tenants:2 (shared room)
Rent: monthly, £600,
Due time: 12th every month
Pay date:3rd every month
Payment method: bank transfer

  oral notice was given on 12th, April,  text message notice was given on 15th April, the ending time is 12th May, Then I verbally applied for another one and a half month rent ( due time:27th June) and the landlord agreed. My friend and I paid £600 for the rent from 12Th May to 12th June on 3rd May. On 3rd June, we paid £300 as the rent from 12th June to 27th June. On 4th June, The landlord told us pay one month rent (£600) rather than half a month rent. we denied cause we will only life there for half a month. After a discussion (or quarrel), the landlord, my friend and I agreed to end the tenancy by 12th June.

From 5th June to 12th June, my roommate and I asked the landlord to return the £300 several time, The landlord said he didn’t check the bank account or just kept silence and didn’t give positive reply. On 12th June, my roommate and I returned the key and moved out the flat. The deposit (£600) was returned on 13th June, but the £300 pre-paid rent was still held by the landlord. Between 14th June and 19th June, my roommate dialed the landlord several times. The landlord said he has a final crisis and want to return by the end of the June. My roommate and I don’t trust the landlord and I think he just make an excuse and don’t want return the money. On 20th June my roommate told me the landlord didn’t reply and asked me to push the landlord and ask the exact date of money transfer. I sent him the following text message:
“ Please refund the £300 pounds by today, otherwise we will take legal action tomorrow”

My roommate and I didn’t get any rely from the landlord on 20th June. In the following two days, we made many phone calls to the landlord and the landlord didn’t pick my phone and finally relied my friend’s and said he would have a conversation with my roommate on 23rd June. On 23rd June, The landlord still didn’t give a clear answer about when he will give back the money and asked the reason why I sent a text message like above. I replied “it is our money and you don’t have the right to keep it”. We argued about 1-2 minutes and pissed each other off. At the end of the phone conversation, He told “take the legal action if you like” and hanged up the phone.

End of the story

I hope my reviews could be helpful to some other students or tenants, then they could avoid gross experience as I had.

The landlord still doesn’t return the £300, I am going to resolve it in court.

Reviews on the Landlord and flat: ( just skip this part if you are not interested)
Generally, the landlord is mean and plays tricks

1. Shower boiler
He is too mean to fix the shower boiler and buy a cancun shower handset as an alternative. The shower water is cold when someone open the hot tap in the kitchen. We tolerated this and , in most cases, chose to have a shower at Qmotion gym as we have a membership of the gym.

2. Oven
He didn’t fix the oven until I threaten that I would move out if he did fix the oven. It took one moth for him to fix the oven.

3. Leaving a small space in the kitchen for us, while the landlord took most the space in the kitchen

4. Mean on heater
a. Only open the heater close the midnight and turn it off in the following early morning (7am maybe)
b. Heater works for a shorter period than the campus counterpart
c. Only the landlord can get access to the switch of heater, my roommate and I can’t get access to it. We asked the landlord to turn up the heater and refused by the landlord who complained the heater could cost a lot of bill (I know it is expensive to use the heat, but you promise all bills included and we can use the heater as we like at the beginning )

5. Arguing about the start date of the rent.
a. He argues that the rent start from the beginning of every month, but the tenancy contract states “From 6th August 2015-11th Sep. 2015 the rent is £400, the rent is £600 per month payable in advance from 12 Sep. 2015” .The start date of the rent is black and white, however the landlord still argued several times
b. We signed the contract on 06/08/2015, and we only paid £400 from 06/08/2015 to 11/09/2015 cause we didn’t move in until 12th Sep. 2015. We thought the rent was reasonable and paid £400 to take the room from the market.

6. Asked to turn off the light in the hallway
a. One morning, I went to the shower and switched on the light on the hallway. I went back my room after shower and didn’t turn off the light in the hallway. The wife of the landlord switched off the light, shouted at me aggressively, and told me she could sleep when the hallway light is on (her room gate is closed and the hallway light would affect her at all). I was planning to take my toothbrush and go back to the shower room for toothbrush. I kept silent and closed the door after she left. I didn’t even want to argue with her cause I knew it makes no sense to argue with a person like her and the only way is to move out. After that experience, I made my decision to move out ASAP.
7. Didn’t keep his words
8. Injustice. once, the landlord shouted at me when my beef was burned and left a smoky kitchen. He even threaten to kick us out in a week. We said nothing when her wife sometimes cook at 6am in the morning and created a strong curry smell in the kitchen and hallway. Also, we kept silent when her wife cook at both lunch time and dinner time(lunch time is reserved for us and another tenant).


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