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Absolutely appalling service throughout the lettings process - and kicked out.

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It all began this year in January, when me and my partner decided to move in together.We found a nice property, contacted the lettings agency and so the fun begun. Here is a short summary of how the process went : 1.Agreed for a viewing – first viewing was moved on to another day, as they announced to us that they could not find the keys for the property.Later they told us that the current tenants were moving out on that particular day and that’s why the viewing was postponed. How, as a lettings company they were not aware of this, is beyond me.

  1. Viewing the house So the lettings agent was 15 minutes late. After we entered the property, the agent did not know the alarm code which went off and took about 20 minutes to be sorted out.

3.The advert and the reality The advert stated : -free washing machine. The previous tenants stole it, the landlord disagreed to buy a new one, therefore we had to buy our own. So, false advertising.

-Exposed floor boards were advertised,however – one of the rooms had a carpet fitted by the previous tenants, for which we then had to receive a written permission from our landlord to remove.

-Our house is a end terrace house, so the lettings agent told us that the alley way behind our house would be used by the next door neighbors twice a week, to take out the bins, as to enter it you would have to go trough our garden. However, we soon found out that the next door house is a student shared house, meaning that they would use the alley way every time they would enter/leave their property. So, false advertising and no privacy.

4.Agreement with the landlord

  • landlord wrote us two permissions – to decorate our house however we like and remove the carpet.

-fixing the kitchen door leading to the garden, which would not open due to the swollen floor boards.

-fixing the kitchen floor, as the previous tenants, whilst removing the washing machine ripped out the floor boards. During the whole process of trying to reach and agreement with the landlord trough the lettings agent, we had no information for weeks, as either the agent didn’t know where the landlord has disappeared , even though he knew he had new tenants; or the lettings agent was off sick. So, horrible communication from their side.

  1. Signing the contract
    • upon arriving to the lettings agent to sign the contract, we found out that instead of 6 months we have signed up for they have put us on a 12 months contract.
  • there was paper in the contract regarding the permission to decorate the house.

We then had to leave for an hour for them to fix the contract and contact the landlord.

Upon arriving back again, the contract still stated that we were signed for 12 months, so we had to wait yet again.

5.Arriving to the property -Floor kitchen has not been fixed -Kitchen doors has not been fixed -The previous tenants changed the meters to the top up ones, therefore we had to contact British gas to get it sorted. -Our student neighbors were walking past our garden multiple times a day -Upon contacting British gas we also found out that the previous tenants owe money, therefore they could not set us up with a new account and this is an unrelated issue, however it is still lasting. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. For all of this horrible service and ruckus we have paid more that £1000 pounds.

And now,barely 4 months later they are lettings us know, that we have 4 weeks to move out as the landlord wants to sell the property, even though we were promised a long term rent.

Because of stress and money it has cost us, I am wondering if there is anything I can do legally, to get a compensation or just generally get back at them. Sorry for the long post and English, it is not my first language.

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