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Access issues - lack of notice

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I have a situation where my landlord is repeatedly expecting short notice access. 

I have the additional problem of I have really bad mental health and strangers/repair people coming round causes extreme anxiety. My landlord knows this. 

It’s happened again tonight that I received a phone call (from a relative not actual landlord) stating (not asking) that someone would be coming round tomorrow. 

I’ve tried as far as I can to be accommodating and meet my requirements as a tenant but this is really starting to annoy me. 

The reason for access is not for an emergency or a repair but something which landord has had a long time to arrange but hasn’t done so, which I’ve previously made arrangements for which went wrong (not my fault) there’s now a time factor (not my fault) and I’m getting pressure and being treated as if I’ve caused the problem/am being awkward. 

From looking online it looks like I should be getting written notice (never had this) of at the very least 24 hours but more likely 48 hours and possibly even a week. 

There’s been other odd behaviour recently from my landlord and I’m beginning to think they’re trying to get me to leave. 

I’m a good tidy, quiet tenant always pay rent on time. 

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The minimum notice a landlord should give you is 24h before they want to get access to the property. Of course, this access should be timed as normal hours of the day and coordinated with the tenant. 

A phone call qualifies, but a written notice is best for everybody. 

One thing tenants often forget is they can simply say no. If the visit is inconvenient with your work schedule or daily routine, you can request the landlord to visit another time and give a couple of options when you’re available. 

If you’re having anxiety issues when somebody visits, you can negotiate with the landlord to give you at least a week of notice, so you can cope with what’s coming and prepare mentally. 

Have you tried to negotiate these visits ?

Ultimately, as a tenant, you have a right to shut the door to anybody, including the landlord.

Here is more info on the topic:

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