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Accused of smoking

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we have been living in this house for a year and an half during which we had four inspections that have all gone perfectly with compliments for how clean and tidy it was (no official written reports though). Now we have given notice of termination of contract and we are allowing the agency to show the house. Recently we have been accused of smoking in the house , that we do not even if we are both smokers – the agency knows – because apparently the viewers perceived smell, and we have made to understand that we will be charged.

I would like to know:

– Is this legal?

– On what grounds and who can establish legally if we have smoked?

Thanks for any help

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It is legal if they can prove it and there is an explicit ban on smoking in the property (which can be checked in your tenancy agreement). 

I don’t know how you can prove smoking scientifically, but there are indications, such as yellow soot on the walls and ceiling, nasty smells and burn marks from cigarettes. 

If none of these are present then it’s just somebody’s imagination making trouble. 

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