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Adactus Housing are bullys

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Adactus housing are bullys after 20 years of use of cupboards on communal hallways we were evicted from them for fire safety reasons with no regards for custum and practice and the fact they told new tenants “that your cupboard”.

5 months after evicting tenants they were still storing combustable items in the cupboards themselves.

Tenants went to court to stop the evictions but did not realise the vast costs involved! and by going to court the housing onbudsman would not look at the complaint.

This came about by a so called fire inspection that we beleive never happened.

Its funny how many high up staff at Adactus have family members working for them so if there family member makes a mistake its backed up all the way.

Should nepotism be allowed in not for profit organisations they are profiting by making there own family well off…

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