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adding a tenant

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I want to move my partner in to my flat, which I currently rent from a letting agency as a single occupant, How much on average does it cost to add a new tenant to the agreement, or how much does it actually cost? as I am thinking its going to be as costly as moving to a new flat and starting from scratch.

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as a landlord myself, as long as there are no health and safety breaches i do not see why i should be asking for anything extra-you have rented the property -unless there is something in da contract you should be ok-however as i know only too well most landlords are as bad marally as loan sharks-absolute scum


A reasonable fee would be in the area of £30 to add your partner to the tenancy agreement but the letting agents will want references and to do a credit check. You can save on costs by getting your own credit check done through sites such as or where you can sign up for a free trial and by obtaining references in advance. The fewer things the letting agents have to do the less money you will need to pay out.

Letting agents’ fees vary so you should discuss them with your letting agent and if they seem very high ask them how much they will charge if for example, your partner obtains their own credit report etc.

Bear in mind that when your partner becomes a legal tenant with you they will have the same rights to live in the property as you do.

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