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administration fees

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Hi my tenancy agreement ended on January 31st 2014. My landlord lives in Australia so an estate agent deals with the property. We recently got in touch with the landlord as our tenancy agreement was coming to an end and we wanted to sign a new rent agreement and change the date of rent payment as I recently started a new job
we had to get in touch directly with the landlord as the estate agents wouldn’t return our calls. our landlord Was in full agreement with our proposal so when we eventually got in touch with the estate agents they agreed to send out the new tenancy agreement.however when we received the new agreement it had on our previous payment date so I refused to sign and asked them to send another with the correct dates on. We still haven’t received the new agreement so we are officially squatting. The estate agents want us to pay administration fees when we pay the rent but my question is can I refuse to pay them as they have not done their job properly????When we have problems with the property it takes weeks to return our call and when we needed a new window it took them 4 attempts to put one in as they kept smashing it. They are completely hopeless.

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What administration fees are they asking you to pay and how much are they?

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