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Advance rent and guarantor

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Our letting agent/Landlord had requested 6 months rent in advance on a 6month (AST?) tenancy agreement as well as a guarantor.

Is this possible as the rent would cover the entire period of the tenancy?

Can I request the fee for a guarantor credit check be returned by the letting agent?


Hi Dave

I’m not sure what your personal circumstances are but we are increasingly seeing these kinds of requests where landlords feel they need reassurance about the rental income. However, to request up front rent AND a guarantor is unnecessary. The rent is covered by your up front payment and any damage by your deposit – what exactly does the guarantor need to guarantee? This is most likely an agent/landlord who doesn’t really understand what a guarantor is or what they’re for and is just requesting it as it seems to provide the most protection.

Yes I would request it – if the guarantor isn’t necessary then neither is the fee. If they refuse then ask for proof that the check was actually carried out. If they can’t provide the proof then they must refund the fee.


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