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Advice needed PLEASE.!

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Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. What things are an estate agent looking for in a reference? We are looking to rent somewhere but are concerned when the estate agent we are dealing with phones our old letting agents what they will ask.

We parted on bad terms through no fault of our own. Long story short – we complained about rats in the loft & walls and instead of looking into the problem they asked us to leave the property within 3 months. The official reason they gave for getting rid of us was the landlady wanted her property back for a family member to live in which is untrue as I called the landlady direct and she stated that the reason was we were making her life awkward and trying to get her to spend money getting rid of rats which she doesn’t want to do. Unfortunately for her I recorded that telephone conversation on an app on my phone. So my last question is does anyone know if I went to my local paper with this story could my old letting agents be nasty and ruin our reference?

We are nice people with a 6 year old boy & all we did was ask them to get rid of rats so he didn’t have them scrating next to his head in the wall each night. Instead of doing the decent thing she put us on the street effectively if it hadn’t have been for a kind family member. I find it so unfair as the next famlly that she moves in there paying £750 won’t be told there are rats in and out all the time.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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First of all, I’m not sure that the recording is legal. This means that you should probably not send it to any public media, or the landlady may start legal action. 

However, it’s good that you recorded it. Now even if your letting agents try to give you a bad reference you have irrefutable evidence that it was the landlady’s fault for separating on bad terms. 

You did the right thing and it’s normal to expect the landlady to take care of a vermin problem, provided you’re not the reason for the infestation. 

In regards to the reference, you have no control over it. However, a decent letting agent will give you a chance to explain. You should consider being straightforward with them and explain the situation BEFORE they contact your past landlord / letting agent.

Otherwise, if your credit record and public record are spick and clean, you shouldn’t experience too much problems in getting a good property. Bad landlord and bad agents happen. The good ones will know the difference and not hold you accountable for things you haven’t done. 

Anyway, check out our article on credit reports and referencing. It has some good info for you:


Thanks so much for your response. Really helpful.

You’re right about going to the paper, probably a bad idea long term. I will keep hold of the recording, from what I’ve read online recording a call is not illegal but if you start broadcasting it then that is.

The rat problem is nothing to do with us. We never have rubbish lying around outside. It’s been going on for 4+ years anyway according to our neighbour and the pest control man that came out who I spoke to.

I will bite my tongue for the time being as we need a good reference. If the reference is purely factual we have nothing to worry about as we have never been late with rent once. No damage to property etc. My only concern is if it isn’t factual and my old letting agents can basically advise not to rent out to us to other agents. Hope this isn’t the case as it’s untrue.

I will look up the link you sent me now.


Forgot to mention that our credit score is fine and we have no debts at all.

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