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Advice needed regarding repairs after leaving a property

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My previous LL has sent me a message saying he is not happy with the state of the house that I left a week ago.

His complaints are that there are issues which I failed to report to him soon enough and that the carpets smelled due to our dog. He has said that the repairs are going to cost him more than they should if i had reported the problems earlier. and he has said that he is going to have to get the carpets removed and replaced. there was a problem in the bathroom which he says he doesnt know how we didnt see the problem sooner.

My Side:

all problems thatwe saw, we reported to him. there was a problem with condensation in the kitchen which we asked him to fit an extractor fan, he started the work but never got round to finishing, we could live with the problem and bought a dehumidifier to reduce the problem so we didnt press him on it.

there was a leak in the shower which he knew about as he came and fitted a new pipe and left knowing there was still a leak, saying it had always been like that. again we didnt press him on it as it had always been like that. then a month before we moved out, a tile fell through in the bathroom as the floorboard undeerneath was rotten. we immediately reported this problem and he said that when we moved out he would sort it if we could live with it. we agreed as we could live with it.

the carpets were vacuumed and freshened by myself. i didnt get them professionally cleaned but if he feels they smelled then im sure that would be all they needed and would not need replacing.

when we moved in, we asked for a tenancy agreement which he said he would get to us, this never turned up and we naively didnt pursue the issue. we also didnt get a written inventory or any information about a deposit protection scheme (which i knew nothing about until doing research this week)

so at the end of our tenancy, he has our deposit and im not sure what his next steps could be and do i need to do anything?

Im worrying about it as I dont know what could happen.

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