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Advice Needed - The letting agency is claiming the entire deposit

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We recently vacated the property after 14 months of renting and yesterday we received an email from the letting agency that they will be seeking to recover the entire deposit of £1482. They have also said that the landlord will be seeking to recompense over and above the Security Deposit from us both directly for all ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

They are claiming that the property was left in an ‘unacceptable’ condition, that it was not professionally cleaned and that the laminate floors were left unclean – this is not true, as we had a professional cleaning crew in for an end of tenancy and carpet cleaning the day before we handed over the keys.

The property was rented to us with very heavy curtains hanging off the rails, which resulted in one of the poles falling off completely and 3 others to partially break out of the wall before I replaced them with lighter curtains – we did attempt to attach the rail to the wall but it kept falling out, resulting in a few holes in the wall directly by the bedroom window. We are willing to take responsibility for it, despite it being down to the landlord/agency to arrange a fix. However, they are trying to charge us £1250 for the fix of 5-6 small holes and paintwork throughout the apartment.

Is this something they can charge us for? We lived in the apartment for over a year, so it’s a given that there will be some wear and tear to the walls and doors (which they’re claiming were scratched and are also trying to charge us directly). Also, is it possible to obtain a ‘counterquote’ to present to the DPS, as I find it extremely hard to believe that there aren’t any cheaper professionals that would still carry out the work to the highest of standards.

They are saying the toilet flush needs replacing – there was no issue with it at the time of the tenancy.

£72 is being charged for carpet cleaning, which was done during the professional end of tenancy cleaning.

There was a bed left on the property, which we weren’t able to remove before returning the keys – we emailed the letting agency to let them know this could be a possibility, but they kept ignoring most of the emails we sent and then acting like they knew nothing about it. Again though, we are willing to cover the cost of removing the bed.

Initially, we were supposed to return the keys on the 14th at some point before the end of the day (the tenancy commenced on the 15th of September 2016), but I have recently changed jobs and now have to travel over an hour each way to work, so we asked to extend this until Thursday 17th (we dropped the keys off on Thursday evening). My understanding is that we should only be charged for the 3 days (15,16 & 17), but they are trying to charge us for 4 whole days??

It is also worth mentioning that during the time of the tenancy, as part of our agreement, we’ve had two inspections from the letting agency and on both occasions they confirmed they were happy with the state of the apartment (we have emails to confirm).

I would really appreciate some advice on how we can dispute this.



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Obviously this is complete bollocks. 

First and foremost, you should be able to show the payment receipt from the cleaning company. Second, the cleaning company will have you on their records and should provide that in a statement when requested. (I’d do it if somebody paid me for a service.)

You probably made a mistake by trying to fix the damage caused by the heavy curtains. By touching “it” and trying to fix it, you took responsibility for the end results, which as you say is not pretty. A few holes to fix and painting however, should not cost 1200+ pounds. You’d best get a couple of quotes to present to the DPS to show the huge discrepancy in pricing claimed vs reality.

The best would cost a small sum to remove, but nothing exorbitant. 

If the tenancy began on the 15th. You should have the property for the whole 15th (check with your tenancy agreement again – if it ends on the 15th, you have it to yourself). So that makes only the 16th and the 17th to be paid extra, not 3 days, not 4 days. 

To me this is a classical case of “let’s bleed these guys dry before they leave”.

Some deductions should be made, but not as harsh as your full deposit and definitely not extra on top. 

Here are some links to check out:

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