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Advice on replacing carpets

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Hi all,

i would really appreciate some advice on our carpet replacement situation.

Basically our house has the same green carpet throughout. I dropped the iron on our lounge carpet and it left a large burn mark. I contacted our landlord and let him know that we had found a carpet that matched the original as closely as we could and we would pay to have the lounge carpet replaced.

However our landlord is now saying that he wants us to replace the carpets in the whole house because they now won’t all exactly match! Can he ask us to do this? Or is it unreasonable to expect this and we should only have to replace the lounge carpet. 

Thanks for your help 🙂

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Unless you live in a very high-end property, where the design and interior matter just as much as having water and electricity, this is completely unreasonable. 

Why do you have to replace perfectly good and usable carpets on the fact that one of them doesn’t match perfectly with the others. The landlord can replace the rest of them over time as they wear down and they can purchase the same as the one you will buy. 

You’ve preemptively contacted the landlord, reported damage of your own doing and found a good carpet to replace the old one with. Not all our users here are such good tenants. 

I’m pretty sure that no ADR or court will ever rule in your landlord’s favour in this dispute, so go ahead and replace only the damage one. However, do have an open mind that the landlord may try to claim your deposit towards replacing hte other carpets. Make sure that doesn’t happen by collecting all your communication over the issue and storing it where you can quickly pull it and use in your defense. Also keep the receipts and all other relevant paperwork. 

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