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advice please.

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We need advice please.
At the end of August last year we informed both our landlord ( he had prearranged to come to property for something else and our letting agents that the flat roof over the down stairs bathroom was leaking and the water was going in to the light fitting, causing the electrics to blow the fuse if used. Nothing happens for a while so I remind the agency that it needed doing and they apologized saying the landlord had told them he had fixed it. After months of the work not been done the landlord kept blaming us saying weren’t in when he arranged to come ( my partner and I job share so one of us nearly all ways at home! ). At the start of November work still hadn’t been completed, I informed the agents that my wifes baby been due at the end of the month I wouldn’t be able to guarantee entry to the house as we might be in hospital at short notice. The agency at this point been very annoyed that the landlord hadn’t done repaid asked if we would be ok if when work men arrived at the property and no-one was in they phoned the office and someone from there would come to supervise work we agreed wanting work doing asap and this meant he had no reason not to get it done.
Our little girl was born on 21/11/13 ( the youngest of five children) and we still had a leaking roof!
On the 5/12/13 the gas safety enginer came to do the safety check on the boiler, he called me in to the room and asked if anyone had done work on the boiler in the last year, I told him no. He informed me the boiler had no back plate ( 25yr + floor standing boiler) and was rusty and had holes in the flume. He was condemning the boiler and he didn’t think it should have passed last year, as without the back plate it was leaking co2. Knowing how slow the landlord was with repairs we knew it would be after Christmas before the boiler was sorted. The agents sorted us with a few heaters.
My partner and I receive benefits to qualify for boiler upgrade so the landlord contacted a few companies who came out to do assessments, by the time we got to the fourth company he refused to use and been in early January we were starting to get fed up. My wife had to ask the landlord to leave the house at one assessment as he got in to an argument over a £350 fee to fit a pump for the New boiler.
The roof and still not been fixed and after a stay in hospital for back problems I was advised not use the stairs too much so we pushed for the roof doing. The landlord screwed down a sheet of tarpaulin and put bricks on it. I informed the agency straight away as I didn’t feel it was safe.
At the start of February the agency turned up to do an periodic inspection and informed us the landlord and asked us to be served with a section 21 as he wanted to move in himself. She informed us she had contacted the housing solution team who would help us get ‘re-housed. They came out last Tuesday. On Wednesday we got home to find our agent and the lady from housing waiting for us. The lady from housing informed us she had been that horrified by our living conditions that after she had left the day before she had gone and spoken with our agent who backed up everything we had said. And they had diced they didn’t want us living in the house a minute longer and were moving us in to council emergency accommodation straight away. We had a few hours to pack over night things and move.
On Thursday morning I got a call from the head of housing saying she had referred the house to environment health to inspect and could we allow them access. We went to our old house to meet with environment health who did a full inspection and condemned the whole house has unfit for human habitation. As well as the leaking roof, no heating he found faulty electrics, rotten Windows blocked outside drains and the bath leaked.
We have paid £650 a month to live in a death trap! Our rent is paid up till 3 March. Nothing has changed in the house since the start of December. What we want to know is where do we stand with rent? For at least the few months we have paid to live in house that is uninhabitable, had I’m fumming that this landlord has got all our money in his pocket! I want to take him to court to get some rent money / compensation back but don’t know where we stand or where to start?

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The best place to start with this is contact a “no win, no fee” solicitor and ask their advice. If they won’t take the case contact your local Office of Fair Trading and ask if they can help.

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