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I moved into a property rented through an estate agent, at the time of viewing the property in late April they informed me the double-oven would be replaced, I subsequently moved into the property in June and was told when picking up the keys that the oven hadnt been replaced as the landlord said it was on backorder.

Needless to say nearly two months have gone and still no oven, have spoken to the agents who just keep saying they’ve emailed the landlord, basically giving me a different story each time.

The current oven isnt fit for purpose, has no knobs on the front to turn on gas hob, oven or grille I have to use a pair of long nose pliers each time. The oven only gets warm never hot enough to cook in.

I am annoyed as they said this was all being sorted prior to moving in.

I went into the estate agents last week as a majority of the window catches and handles are completely broken making the property unsecure I mentioned this to them and that I had replacement window locks fitted they then complained at me saying I should have informed them and they would get the landlord to solve it. I mentioned to them that my confidence in the landlords ability to resolve issues was very low.

So question what rights do I have in relation to the oven, its likely I am going to be moving jobs shortly which requires relocation could I use this issue as leaverage to terminate my contract?

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They have had sufficient time in order to rectify this. Have you sent a final letter reminding them of these issues?

Send a final letter giving them 7 days to replace the oven. It is an appliance supplied by the landlord hence their responsibilty and also essential.If faulty they are in breach of contract as it is a hazard and they should be exercisiing their duty of care you would also be ebtitled to compensation.State that should a staisfactory resolution not be forthcoming within that time scale you will have it replaced and forward the cost to them.


Benny is correct- issue a letter giving them 7 days to resolve. As it is a gas oven, what also concerns me is that the Gas Safety certficate should not have passed with the oven in this state. If you havent already seen this, make sure you do so immediately!

Unfortunately, however, you would not be able to force an early termination due to this issue. However, it is the busy summer season so, if you openly discuss this with the agents/Landlord, they may be happy to let you go. However, this has to be something agreed upon.

Hope that helps.

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