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After move out extras

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I recently moved out of my rented accomodation, the landlord took the keys back and we left the house in a fine condition basically as we found it. The landlord did not inspect the property just taking back the keys and letting us get on our way as we had just bought our first home. Since then the landlord has repeatedly called and text asking us to come back and do jobs which seem either trivial or undoable, such as cleaning the tops of the cupboards and the external windows (jobs that werent completed when we entered the property) to cut the grass in the pouring rain, all these I can see he may have wanted done but he neither metioned it on the list he gave of jobs to be done when we left, it was left clean and tidy in a presentable condition. If he had inspected the property and asked us to do these things whilst we were still tenants we would have happily done them but as he did not bother to inspect and just took the keys it has put us in an odd position, we feel like we’re being used as a proffesional cleaning service as he was too lazy to inspect the property when he was supposed to with the underlying threat of deposit deductions for trivial things. He has reached the point where he is calling my father asking for jobs to be done, I am a 26 year old man! The question I’m asking is, if he accepted the keys and ended the tenancy can he continue harrassing us to complete jobs on his behalf rather than asking us to do them when we we’re still his tenants? Any help would be fantastic we really need our deposit back we now have a mortgage and a baby on the way! 

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Do you or the landlord have any record of the property’s condition when you moved in ? Was there a move in inventory done ? Any photos taken ? 

Because if there aren’t, how can the landlord prove to the deposit scheme that the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy doesn’t match the one at the start.

Little do tenants know is that if they open a dispute, the landlord has to actually prove they are entitled to the deductions. If there was no check-out inventory, perhaps there was no check-in inventory as well.

I’m keep on agreeing to your position, furthermore that you accept responsibility for the issues if they were reported at a time where you would have easily rectified them. It was the landlord’s responsibility to check if anything was wrong. 

Here are some relevant pages for you:

Also a free  PDF guide on deposit disputes:

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