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agant problem

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Hi guy I am tenant in multi let house R2R and situation is terrible 3 bedroom house make 6 room and -7-8 tenant living inside no living room the house is not HMO because is 2 floor only the managing agent not manage the house accommodate any tenants unemployed and situation is terribly.

I have AST agreement then the landlord not live in the house but keep his dog in and visit the house 10 time daily, not protect deposit and only interest of bigger profit overcrowded the house.

I complain many time to managing agent to landlord they basically breach the agreement for example agreement say not pets permitted in property the tenants no cleaning after himself kitchen, bathroom make noise and parties, I ask to provide me name and address of landlord and copy of gas certificate they refuse.

I think that the agent have management agreement with landlord ,pay guaranteed rent and subletting room by room basis landlord or agent not live in the house.

After the hundred email to start manage the house do not overcrowded because, we start to have problem with house mate and to remove bad tenant with no respond I stop to pay rent and already 4 months like I say to him to remove the bad tenant or to start to manage the house and I will pay but nothing not   change till now.

They try to force me to leave as give me any kind of notice homemade (not 21 or 8 notice)

my question is what actually they may do to me I know about section 8 and I am in arrears  but who must sign the notice landlord or agent, do the agent have any power or everting depend of landlord.

How can I defend myself they are incorrect breach his agreement not protect deposit, not deal with tenants problem overcrowded the house to make bigger profit, I know its better for me to leave but what are my right is as subtenant in R2R exactly.

This is not business this is fraud.!

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Hi Rado

In terms of protecting the deposit – this is a legal requirement for the landlord where there’s an AST. If the deposit is not protected it means a) they can’t serve you with a valid section 21 notice to quit and b) you can make a claim against the landlord for compensation that is 1-3 times the amount you paid as a deposit. There’s some more informaiton here on making a claim:

You cannot be evicted without a properly served notice otherwise that’s an illegal eviction – there’s some more info here (section 21 notice, section 8 notice) on how notices must be served and in what format.

Because of the position you’re in, it might be worth seeking some professional advice from Shelter, Citizen’s Advice or a Law Centre that is local to you, depending on what you want the outcome to be. Just remember that in order to evict you from your home the landlord MUST have served notice and they must then obtain a possession order. They cannot remove you themselves and they cannot hire anyone to do it. They also cannot touch your belongings – only a court appointed bailiff can do that.

Hope that helps.



Basically I not owe any rent to landlord because agent pay guaranteed rent to landlord, I owe rent to letting agent letting agent can’t give me notice 8 as he not own the property. If landlord refuse to cooperate the agent is in checkmate situation

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