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Agency fees for moving out

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I would like you opinion on the following and would also like to know if you can help or give any advice:
My son, daughter-in-law and two small children aged 2 and 4 live in a privately rented house, through Bradleys Letting Agency. It was let to them as a long let and the landlord reassured them that they would be there for years.
They have recently been given notice to leave the property as the landlord has now decided he wants to sell the property.
Bradleys agency have been finding other properties for this little family to look at, but have stated that the normal agency fees will be payable again, plus a ‘check out’ fee of £120.00.  These fees amount to £660.00! We feel this is unacceptable, this family have made this place their home. The little boy is starting school in September, and everyone is now worried that he is going to have to move to a different area, away from his friends, right at this very important stage of his life.  The whole family are feeling stressed and their anxiety levels are rising. The little boy has been ill and been to the doctors today as he is picking up on all the stress of it all.
The family are on the list for social housing, but nothing has been offered to them yet.  Can you help?  And what do you think about these agency ‘check out’ fees? We think this is shocking, a real kick in the teeth, for a family that are having to move from their family home through no fault of their own, maybe away from friends and schools that they know, and now on top of this, the agency want to charge them for moving out! It is a huge amount of money for a young family to have to find, on top of the deposit that they will have to pay.
Please help.
Kind regards

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A landlord’s reassurances are worth nothing as you have already found out. 

As for the fees, there is really not much you can do. The only requirement is for agents to publish their fees on their websites and Bradleys’ are listed –

Since they do that, they can charge whatever they like and it’s up to your son to agree to rent with them or not. 

What you can do is find a letting agent who charges less. Use to see who charges what and submit your data, if not too inconvenienced. 

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