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Agency increasing the number of tenants. Impossible to move out.

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I live in a share flat. The agency that manages the flat decided to replace a leaving tenant with a couple, without consulting us. I believe that this is worsening our living experience, since we were already a few living in the place and now the place is going to be very crowded. I told them this and the answer was basically “we don’t care”. Clearly, there is no clause on the contract that forbids them to do so. Moreover, my contract concerns only the use of my room (not joint rent of the flat). As a result, I would like to move out but I can’t get out before the end of the contract (in 4 months time). I was wondering if that is legal. Any thought or advice would be welcome!

Many thanks

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Hi Danilo

It’s a bit difficult to help without seeing your contract or knowing more about your situation. It sounds like you have an individual tenancy and maybe you’re living in a House in Multiple Occupation? In that case, if you feel like there aren’t enough facilities for the tenants then you can report the landlord to the local council and they can come and investigate. That’s a bit of a nightmare for landlords so you could perhaps threaten to do that unless they release you from your contract. Another option is to offer to find a new tenant to take over your tenancy and ask that the landlord agree to surrender the tenancy to a new tenant you find (get this agreement in writing so you have proof it exists) – that won’t cost the landlord anything and the room won’t be left empty so there’s no reason for them not to agree.


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