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Agency letting through another agency?

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I am currently letting a place and looking to move. My current letting agency sends me an email about a property of which I am interested in and ask for a viewing. She tells me that the landlord deals with booking viewings and has forwarded my email to the landlord. I then receive an email not from a landlord but an employee of another letting agent to arrange the viewing. They have a website but no signs of an office. The company is not well known, and has only one review, which is very negative, so the reviewer was clearly pissed off enough to let people know of his experience. My questions are, how often do less established agencies use big agencies to let through? Does this often end up more costly? Is it best to be avoided? Because quite frankly my bad feelings are up all over this. Thanks for any advice.


I don’t find it all that odd for letting agencies cooperating with each other. Many smaller letting agencies are branches or local franchises of big name shops. 

Having only one bad review is a bummer, but trust me, having 10 5-star reviews without a single negative is just as bad, if not worse. Because it means they manage their reviews and what you read is hand picked if not written by their staff. 

Is either letting agency part of some external governance body ? 

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