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Agency sends people to do repair without my permission

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i am renting home from agency and they have a habit of not agreeing the times for repairs with me i.e. Not having my permission and not serving a letter with required notice.

they give my number to the trade and the trade people were supposedly (this time I had no idea they were coming, no voicemail, no missed call, no email/letter etc) contacting me and left me a message about the repair. The repair is no emergency matter and as I was waken up by someone storming into my house (agency provided the trade with keys) and had them refuse to leave the property until my boyfriend came down (so ultimately trying to intimidate half naked girl in her home).

i am now awaiting call back from agency manager (been waiting for 6hrs now), but I’m fuming to be frank. They violated my right for quiet enjoyment of the rented place and I no longer feel safe to be alone at my home (someone else’s property, but my home for the time being). I have no way to lock the door from the inside, so it can’t be unlocked from outside if I’m in (like a chain or something similar).

what do I do now? What are my rights?

i’m desperate for advice…

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In this case, it would be reasonable for you to change the locks in the entire property and NOT provide keys to anyone. 

You would have to be reasonable and provide access for things like repairs and inspection, but you can moderate the access and request official 24 hour notices, etc. 

If the agent tries to claim you’re acting outside of the tenancy agreement, tell them you can involve the council and complain that they have sent an unknown person unannounced in the home of a sleeping girl.

Be prepared that you may have to return the original locks before leaving the property, or the landlord may charge you out of your deposit. 

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