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Agent changed locks without notice.

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Our agent changed the locks to our rented flat without notice after my partner and I had had a domestic argument. (No one else involved and matter since resolved).

We had paid rent up to 25th this month with no arrears.

We received no notice of breach of agreement whatsoever and the agent are refusing to give an explanation, refund the over paid rent or our deposit.

Can anyone give any advice please as we are now currently homeless and without any money to put towards another home.

Thank you.


Hi Mandy

This sounds like an illegal eviction – more info on that here. You could contact the agents and tell them that their actions are opening the landlord up to a criminal conviction. Ask them to provide you with new keys to the property asap and then to allow you to live there while they go through the proper notice procedures.

I’m not a lawyer so it might be worth getting some advice from a law centre or Citizens Advice about the quickest and most effective next steps.


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