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Agent doesn't return our fee when landlord decides not to work with them, right before the contract

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Basically I contacted an agent, met the landlord, sent references and documents to the agent,  paid about 500 pounds fee to the agent,  and everything seemed ready to sign a contract.

Two days before signing the contract, landlord disputes with the agent (apparently agent was claiming some money she didn’t agree to pay) and landlord decides to make the contract with us without any middle man/agent. So we sign.

I request the agent to return my fee, as landlord decided to cancel their services.

He is willing to do so, but then he asks if I signed with the landlord. I tell the truth and now he doesn’t want to return the fee.

Do we have any rights in this? Is it landlord’s fault? Do we have right to get back our agent fee?

Should we complain to the government scheme the agent belongs to?

Thanks for your help


Of course you should complain the to the scheme.

What reasoning did the letting agent give you to not return the money ? You probably should have recorded that conversation. 

The only reason I can think of, for the letting agent to keep the money, is if they provided their services to you completely. That means all paperwork, references, credit checks were made and put to use in finding you the property. 

If the letting agent does this to take revenge on the landlord, they are seriously out of line. 

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