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Agent on visit moved my belongings

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I cannot find any answer or advice anywhere. It is not a drama (yet?). We had an agent visiting today, the second in a month and a half. Neither of us were here unfortunately. 

So they ask to take pictures which is fine, although they are reluctant on sharing what they took with me. I am concerned about the protection of data first, I don’t want pics that show everything I have to end on an unprotected computer. Legally they are allowed to take pictures, fine. 

Second I noticed when I came home that the agent had moved the cloth dryer rack, shower curtain all in the bath side (it’s a double one with a side that needs to hang out), raised all the radiators from 4 to the maximum 6. The temperature raised for about 1 degree. 

I feel very invaded, I don’t know what else they moved or touch and took pictures of. It may sound paranoid but I don’t feel at home suddenly! 

I just wonder how I could address this and if to you that sounds fair etc…?

Thank you for any help you could bring 🙂


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It’s normal to feel frustrated about this. In the end, it’s people you don’t know, who enter your home when you’re not there and touch and move your things. 

Okay, so it was just a clothes rack this time. Next, they will re-arrange your plates and the time after that will do something else. 

This is not okay. You are a person and you have a right to privacy in your home. 

Fortunately for you, this is reflected in tenant and landlord law as “right to quiet enjoyment”. 

This means that as a tenant of the property, you have full rights to control who access the property, when and what they do while inside. IF you’re uncomfortable with something, you have a right to ask the person(s) to stop, leave and even prevent them from going in. 

What you CAN do right now is write an official letter to the letting agent, that you have found changes with stuff and you’re not comfortable with that. You must tell them that they are not allowed to touch things in your property and must only visit when you’re home and can monitor what they do. 

Furthermore, agents and landlords must give you a minimum of 24 hour notice, delivered to your mail / door, before they want to go in the property. You are free to reschedule if that time is not appropriate. 

Please read our dedicated article on landlord and letting agent access:

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