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Agent Taking pictures without asking

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I have just gone, onto the website where our house is listed for rental, our agent had taken pictures inside with all our possessions in view without informing us he was doing (he did it when we were not there, but had only given permission to view the property) the question can they do it, and can I get them removed or are they allowed, I know we are moving but I don’t to get awkward but there’s nothing stopping them reusing them if the next moves on, also I don’t post things like this on social media so I don’t like the thought of my possessions being all over the internet.



Being that this is relevant to your private life, I think you have the right to request the agent to remove all photos from their website and property marketing portals and social media accounts and to delete them from their hard drives and servers. 

These photos were made without consent (consent was given to view the property). If your letting agent declines threaten court action for harassment and invasion of privacy and seek a solicitor’s advice.

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