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Agent wants to deduct £150 for replacement of light bulbs

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Our agent Arim wants to deduct £ 150 from our desposit for replacing 9 light bulbs, and £ 200 for cleaning an oven and cleaning the roof glass of a conservatory. 

They employed a third party to take an independent inventory as the original had been lost by them as the house has changed hands several times over our 6 year tenancy, which I might add was 163 pages long.

I dispute this entirely, 6 of the light bulbs in the kitchen were under cabinet lights, which have always been faulty we have had the electrics repaired several times by the agent. The other 3 are for bulbs which were never ever in the light sockets to start with when we took the property 6 years ago, so there has never been a bulb to replace. 

The oven was cleaned to perfection, the checking out agent they employed did not have an issue with the hob and stated in his report the oven “needed a clean” I have photographs to back this up, the oven is 6 years old btw.

The roof glass was grubby, but I obtained a quote from our window cleaner for £25.00 but he was only scheduled to visit the estate after we had vacated, so this wasn’t done in time. 

The agent also wants to charge an admin fee of £60 without any explanation of what this is for either. 

The company they have used to get this quote from isn’t local and has somewhat inflated the costs of extremely minor jobs, in labour which are completely unrealistic.

Considering the report was 163 pages long, and was a 5 bedroomed house, and they photographed every mark and chip, I think they are ripping us off !!! 

Whats best way of dealing with this ???? 

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Hi Elizabeth

The easiest way is to 1) offer an amount you think fair and 2) if they don’t agree let them know you’re raising a dispute with the deposit protection scheme that has held your deposit. Raise the dispute and then the landlord will have to prove a right to any of your deposit. That will need to be based on loss i.e. that you have damaged something or breached the terms of a tenancy. They will then also have to prove that their charges are reasonable. The disputes service within the protection scheme will then decide what is reasonable. If you have photos etc then you’re in a strong position. Do it quickly as there are time limits.


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