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Agreeing a start date

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We have paid a holding fee and referencing has been accepted – we are in the process of agreeing a start date for the tenancy. The agents proposed 20th June but as my partner is working away we asked to start on 1st July. They said the landlord is not happy with this and could meet in the middle at 24/25th June. I agreed in principle to pay for the extra 7 calendar days, but due to the way they are chosing to put through our holding fee they say they are charging us 8 days extra…

It doesn’t seem fair and therefore I will not agree to it. They say that it is in their terms (which we have not seen, or signed to say we agree to) and are not budging. So it seems we have a stalemate.

I’m just wondering if they have any right to enforce us to pay an extra day – or to dictate our move date? We have paid referencing fees and a holding fee, but have signed nothing to date.

Thanks for any help.

Service provider

Well you need to see the terms for sure. I would be surprised if you haven’t signed anything. If you haven’t then just stick to your guns. I doubt they would want to lose a tenant and probably at least a month’s rent.

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