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Airing my laundry

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I won’t go into everything as its been a drawn out fight with my landlord. Black mould, mice, a lot of disrepair, and the list goes on. 

We came to a stalemate and I stopped paying and he got nasty. I’ve got a text saying ‘you have f***** with the wrong person’ 

 I found a new place and he found out and told the landlord not to rent to me.

he went into a local pub where my uncle works and discussed my tenancy.

He then turned up while I was away and entered my home… Posted a letter in my window about me not being there… For everyone to see! Like ‘hello burglars empty home here!’

I’m finally moving this week but today he got a court order letter and didn’t  just post it but sellotape’d 3 copies to my window for the street to read.

is this normal practice?

PS. When he entered my home when I was away, I returned to 4 dead mice around my home. I recently found one under a big speaker that had not been moved in months. Only found it because of the smell. 

Glad ad to be leaving! He has sent me a letter to say that wherever I go he will find me!! Yes! Those words!!

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See, your biggest mistake was to stop paying rent. 

Almost all your rights vanish into the atmosphere, if the landlord can prove you’re not paying rent. 

Even though he’s harassing you and practically trespassing (and you can take that to the police, if you haven’t already), when it comes to fixing property issues, NOT paying rent always makes things worse as you can clearly see. 

I do however suggest that you file some sort of complaint with the police. It might make the landlord even more furious and dumbfound, but not doing so will only validate that he can do whatever he wants undeterred. 

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