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All in one, own rent, Deposit, ect.,

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Hi all, 

My story – we start rent two years ago, rent is 950£/m end of first year my wife lost a job and it was difucult to pay rent but we try get up to date. then my working place sart paying weekly and i ask landlord if i pay 250£ each week, and end of year we can see how much i overpaid. he come back with new agrement, pay every two weeks 500£ and he will returne 1000£ or i don’t need pay last month rent ( he sad he account)

after half year i realise i will overpaid end off year exualy 1600£ 

i ask go back to old agreament because its was right, he refused.

then i pay just my 950£ in each month, and after month i was own him. 

he send me letters, he will go court and more. and he will not returne my 1000£.

and he give me two month notice to move out.

now i am renting new home, but he wants i pay 800 rent what i owne and he dont want returne my 1000£ saying he was good. 

what i need to do, pay 800 and ask my 1000 or just dont pay but he holding my  deposit any way. 


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