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All my house I have bed smell.... I discovered in loft a lot of rubish

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I rented in October 2013 a two bedroom flat and since than my family life start to go worse every day. I have 2 bedrooms ( that means 3 rooms ) and two bathrooms , I’m using just one room and one bath. Everywhere in this house is a dump smell…. I barely use kitchen for quick cook.
I spoke with my lanlord since I moved in house and all the time he’s keep telling me that he doesn’t have money or he hasn’t been paid for his work and next week/ next week he will get some money and he will fix everything.
I have a child three years old who is alergic at many things and since we moved here he’s full of red spots.
Pls let me know where shall I go / what I have to do.
I’m desperate

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