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Am I due a refund S21B

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Hi Guys I wonder if you can help me as im very confused.

I have been living in my property for 2 years –

25th July I was prompted for renewal of my tenancy coming up  by letting agent,  I then got an email 2 days later saying owner is selling the house herby giving me notitice to vacate ( 2months notice)   they have told me to vacate by the 25th September.  I have currently paid rent up until the end of my rental month 25th August.

I have found a place I want to move in to – but it means I need to vacate a month earlier ( difficult to find decent rental in my area) 

I got intouch with Letting agent – who verbally said LL is happy for me to move out on the 18th August 8 days sooner than my end of month.

Based on the above agreement – I have gone ahead and booked a removal company – and change all utilities and bills readings etc.

I have now agreeed to move in to my new place on the 11th August (tomorrow )  so essetially giving me a 7 day overlap for cleaning out old place etc.

Agency has now come back and said landlord will not refund me from the 18th until the 25th. 

When reading online though Ive come accross a a change to a notice period or something called the S21B – which says that any period where the palce has been unoccupied should be prorated. 

Am I intepreting this incorrectly ? – I dont want to leave on bad terms  but I do feel I should get a refund for what I have paid, also since the agency agreed to it in the first place.

I also dont want to propmt the ageny to refund me then later on take the money unfairly out of my deposit.

Im going back to the Agency daily – but because my move date is fast approaching I feel like thay may be stalling to give me an answer. 

andy help or advice would be great thank you 

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I understand your frustration, that why these matters should always ensure the landlord’s agreement first, before jumping into action, etc. Letting agents are sleeky and often they go back on their words, so unless you get stuff in writting it rarely has binding power. 

I would talk to your landlord directly. Try any negotiation method you can think of. Ultimately, this is very grey area and you might not be able to reclaim the rent unless you go to court. 

Then there is the deposit. Any dispute you raise will likely impact the return of your deposit as well, so you might end up fighting on two fronts and win at neither. So, pick your battles. 

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