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Am I liable ?

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i have lived in a single room tenancy in a flat for 1 year and extended another year a few months ago. I am aware I am liable for rent until they fill the property

I am moving for my job and told my landlord about this 5 weeks ago. I explained I would prefer w tenant to take my room from me on the 24th of this month to avoid paying rent in two places. They had someone to move in from early next month.  I told them I would find someone from this date myself.  

She then told me that if I don’t she would move this person in as they want the room filled. I said as I was liable for rent until it’s filled I should have the choice to find someone earlier on my preferred date and if I don’t I’ll continue paying rent. She agreed.

I found someone to take take the room and rang them up but it seems they have already found another tenant and started he procedure with his deposit to move in early next month.

i am unsure on my legal rights. Am I liable to pay rent up until they move in even though I had a tenant willing to sign from my preferred date? It seems they completely ignored my request

Do I need to pay until they start? 

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