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An ex housemate left us in a financial mess & we have mold

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My boyfriend and I moved into a large double room in a house with 4 others on October 26th 2015.  

In late April, one housemate left suddenly, and without her deposit and non payment of at least 2 weeks rent. All of a sudden were now all going on contracts whereas before the outgoing tenant would receive their deposit back from the incoming tenant, and it was a rolling system for a while. Anyway, the agency managing the property for the landlord (whose name we don’t know) has contracts for us to sign. 

Back to the ex housemate: we were informed this week we all have to pay to make up the loss of rent due to her hasty departure. We haven’t signed anything (yet) and have been told we have responsibility towards the rent. 

I’m so stressed and angry, as we’ve got mold in our room (mold in bathroom and kitchen) which was hidden when we viewed the room…two areas beneath the windws s dark, dry mold, and there’s some right in the corner of the ‘bed’ (2 mattresses on top of one another) beside where my pillows are, I reported the mold back in January, then two contractors visited the property to look at it, then 3 landlord inspections were cancelled last minute , and now the inspection won’t happen until we’re on contracts.

Nothing but hassle and stress since we moved  in, thatit’s affecting my mental and physical health. 

Would really appreciate some advice – thank you 🙂 

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Hi Fiona,

Do NOT sign a new tenancy agreement.

What tenancy agreement do you have at the moment?

I assume that you all have tenancy agreements for your own rooms and the agent is asking you to now sign a joint agreement. Is that correct?

In the first case, you are not responsible for the rent of any of the other occupants if they don’t pay. In the second case, you would be.

Also, has your deposit been protected and did you receive the prescribed information?



Might be worth informing your agent that they cannot claim rent. if they have not given you notice under section 47 of the 1988 housing act, giving the landlords name and address.

As far as claiming rent from you retrospectively tell them to get stuffed.

Obviously if you want to continue to live there, you will need some sort of agreement going forward.

Might also be worth checking with your council to see if your property is registered as an HMO, sounds like it should be.





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