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Anti social behaviour near my privately rented house.

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Looking for advice. We moved in to our privately rented property last December. Since then we have had many incidents of anti social behaviour including rude, aggressive teenagers, drug dealing and most recently our car has been vandalised. All of this has been recorded with the police. It is not a ‘bad’ area and is generally thought of to be working class. But the police can’t do anything in most cases because they can’t catch the various people doing it  

In addition to this, there is a lady living nearby who police have confirmed has mental health issues. She regularly has episodes of severe swearing and shouting outside in her garden which backs on to ours. When passing teenagers hear this, they wind her up and the language is foul  

We have a young son who is hearing and witnessing all of this and it has reached a point that we want to leave however we have another year in our contract with no break clause. 

Is there ANYTHING we can do?

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Hi Sarah

I’m sorry, that sounds horrible, especially with your son to worry about. You can ask your landlord to agree to surrender the tenancy. This basically means that the landlord agrees to you leaving early. If you do this, you must get the agreement from the landlord in writing. It’s up to you how you ask for it but you could offer to agree to a date in two months time to give the landlord time to find another tenant.

Sometimes a landlord won’t agree to a surrender initially but might say that you can leave if you can find another tenant. This is a bit of a nerve wracking process but it means that once that other tenant signs the new tenancy you’re free of your obligations. Given that there are so many tenants and so few properties it might be quite easy to find a replacement and so it might be worth the effort. Just make sure you get everything in writing so you have proof.


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