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Application Forms

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Hi All,

I need some assistance, I have filled in an application form to rent out a flat. It would be myself and my husband. I understand that the current climate is difficult. But I want to understand something


I scanned all my documents and completed application form over to the letting agents and they have informed me it was myself and another applicant going for the flat and on this occasion they have handed the completed application forms to the landlord who are reviewing and deciding who should move in and it is not on first come first served basis


It  has been a week and I have emailed and called the letting agent and they have informed me no update each time


The question I want to ask, is this a normal practise for application forms to be handed to the landlord, yet no funds has been taken and they are taking so long?

Kindest Regards




Hi Fiona

Yes it can take some time to get from submitting your application to signing the tenancy agreement. How quickly the landlord makes the decision will depend on factors such as when the current tenants are going to leave. Once your application is accepted then they may ask for a holding deposit but no other funds should then be taken until you pay the security deposit and rent when you move in.


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