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Are agents biased - Difficulty in getting a property

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Hi. My wife and I are new to the renting market. This is our situation:

Both have excellent credit ratings.

Wish to move to a area 200 miles from where we live now. We will not immediately be in employment upon arrival but have mentioned to agents that we can pay 6-12 months rental and provide credit references.

We have two house trained cats.

Now, having spoke to a couple of agents about proeprties we are interested in, they say leave it with us and we will get bak to you ..Thing is they don’t. I can understand if theer is a strict no pets policy, but in your experience, is there a bias towards people whom have full time work even though we can pay upfront. Is there a bias towards letting to people who live more local to the area of the property?


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Hi John

You might just be experiencing the downside of the fact that there are so many tenants looking for properties at the moment – and not enough homes. Agents don’t have to fight to find tenants as they have plenty of people to choose from (and they just want to do the minimum to get the job done usually). If you have a great credit rating then you’ve got the basics covered and if you can pay that rent up front (I’d offer 12 to be really convincing) then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be a great option for a landlord.

In terms of the cats, yes some landlords will automatically just say no to pets. I have a dog and in the past when I’ve come up against this opposition I’ve offered to a) move quickly b) provide a pet deposit (normally another 50% of the deposit) c) provide my own furniture and d) agree to a full clean of the property by a professional company when I move out. It doesn’t always work but it makes you much more attractive and can put the landlord’s mind at ease.

You might need to be more proactive with the agents – present all these great things about you as tenants and then hassle them by phone until they give you what you want. Alternatively, find out who the landlord is from the Land Registry and contact them personally – make it clear you don’t want to hassle them but you’re very interested in the property, you’ve got all these great things going for you and could they give the agent a nudge.

If you find a property you really want then treat it like anything else you want that you have to compete for. It’s irritating that it has to be that way but you’re more likely to get a good result.

Good luck



Thank you Alex. That’s good advice 


We find most agents don’t bother to get back to you either so don’t think that is just something against you personally. As Alex said, there are so many tenants out there chasing very few properties that the agents don’t really need to much in order to find tenants, not that they every did do much anyway but that’s another story.

My advice is to not only rely on the “normal” letting agents but also try the newer online no fee agents such as Openrent, Upad, Visum and Rentify. You deal with the landlords direct, there are no fees apart from referencing but these are much lower than traditional high street agents and the process is much quicker.

Failing that do what we do. Drive to the area you want to live and then personally visit the agents. They are far more likely to take up your cause if you meet them in person. After all….you have saved them the effort of replying to your email or picking up the telephone 😉

All the best



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