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Arim - staling from common areas

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Arim is managing the properties in my building.

A few months ago they put labels on our belongings in the common area saying that they should habe been removed within 7 days or they would move them to a storage space at our expenses.

We didn’t move the items within 7 days as we were away and on our return all our items disappeared.

When contacting them they always pass the ball from one person to the other. I the last email they just said our belongings were binned because of no value.

Where can I find some help?

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Service provider

What items are you referring to and how long after the initial 7 days did you return? 


I found out the day after and I have emailed arim immediately.

Not having received any reply for months I later reported this to the police.

Branded clothes, bikes, toys and heaters were reported.

Arim then said the items were binned because of no value. The report to the police is for over £3K.

Service provider

The management company have every right to move items stored in communal areas and did so in the correct way by writing to tenants first.


The issue here is that they disposed of the items despite writing in their letter that they would store them.   If you contacted them one day after the initial 7 day dealine then they should have had these items to hand and been able to return them after payment of any due costs.


You could submit a court claim, but bear in mind there are 2 sides to the argument.  On your side, they have admitted to removing items and disposing of them depsite their initial letter.   The other side of the argument is that personal items should not be stored outside of your property in communal space.  If I was the agent I would also argue that, if you claim they are worth £3k, why would you leave them unsecured outside your property.


If you do look to submit a claim, ensure you apply a genuine value to your items.   If you try to inflate the costs then a judge will often see through this and look dimly upon you.


Just one other point, check the terms of your lease (or the owners lease if you are renting).  It might state categorically that any items stored in communal areas will be removed and disposed of.

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